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Originally Posted by Kurgan
An official canon source would be like a liscensed Star Wars novel, guidebook, movie reference, recent George Lucas quote, etc. Not another game, not some wiki page (none of which are official), not the databank
Jan has been integrated into WoTCs RPG stuff. (I linked to it earlier) Some of the story about her and Kyles adventures after the YV War are from WOTC sources(as well as DH sources)

Originally Posted by palpatine dc
In Star Wars Tales #21 - Equals and opposites you can see clearly that Jan has a mechanical right hand. This story takes place during the Yuuzhan Vong war, so it isn't certain that at the time of the DF/JK games her right hand was already mechanical. But I think it probably was.
excellent - a (possible)confirmation that she *does* have a mechanical hand -though it'd be nice to have a pic. Any chance of a page scan or even just a digital pic of that ?? Though teh events of DF1 and JK are FAR before the YV war So that still doesnt explain why/how.

Kurgan of course will tell us that the Tales comics are a dubious canon source, but since Jan is a game character, any information is good information, as stuff on her is very scarce


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