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Originally Posted by Buzz1978
357) While taking a shower you ask yourself why there's no bathroom on the Ebon Hawk.

358) While thinking of 357) the following dialogue pops into your mind:

Mission: Carth, can we take a break soon? I really need to go to the toilet. And this geezer should definitely take a shower, he's smelling like the wrong end of a Wookie.
Jolee: Hey, you brat, I heard that!
Zaalbar: {yowl growl yowl}
Carth: We're just out of the traffic jam and I want to reach Manaan before rush hour.
Bastila: Well, I wanted to buy the toilet from that Rodian...
Carth: You can't be serious! How can we even know what a "Baragwin Assault Toilet" is supposed to do? Even the Trandoshans were afraid to use it!
Oh, man, is that one funny!!

Canderous: Mandalorians don't need toilets.
Jolee: Remind me to sleep in the other dorm tonight!

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