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Originally Posted by khalim
hi, someone plz help me
i'm stuck at one particular place in the game: in waterloo world, when i have to get the weapon from the right guard building, i can't jump over from the flag pole to the roof of the left building. if i simply jump, i fall down, and the double-jump trick isn't working for some reason. i even tried to jump from the rope but no success

what is the secret?
It sounds like you've already got everything from the right tower. Really, the only reason you need to access the left tower (left when facing them both from the ground) is to easily access the right tower.
Normally what you do is have Raz on the highest point on the tall flagpole with his back to the left tower. Have him jump off back towards the left tower roof and use your PSI Float power to drift down onto the roof. It's tricky to get him to move the way you want, but you can do it. The move is similar to the move you used in the Kid's Cabin area where you were on the netting on the tree up on the hill above the cabins and had to jump backwards to the ledge that led to the cave up on the hill. It's just that this time you are jumping and then quickly hitting PSI Float to drift over to the rooftop.
Once on the left rooftop, kill the Censors waiting for you. I'm not sure what kind of goodies are in the left tower but the stuff you really need is in the right tower.
To get from the left tower to the right tower, you need to jump onto the trapeze/branch/horizontal bar thingie that's between the two towers, build up your momentum by swinging in a complete circle, let go and, again, use PSI FLoat at the highest point of your arc in mid-air to float down onto the right tower's platform. It may take you a couple tries to get the proper PSI Float placement. Goodies await inside the right tower.
You might also try working backwards, which is what it sounds like you may be doing...the only reason you need to go to the left tower is to access the right tower's rooftop. If you're able to get into the right tower at the bottom, I think you can use Levitation Bounce to get up into the upper levels of the right tower. You need to use Pyrokinesis (start a fire) on a couple things in there.
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