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Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
320) Your idea of a political debate is one about whether it was right for the Jedi Order to not enter the Mandalorian wars.
365a) You know you got it bad when you refer to the Iraq war as the Mandalorian Wars
365b) You call the enemy Mandalorians and you call your troops the Republic or the Jedi

366) Your family asks you if you are using the Force to cook a pan of ground beef (I'm guilty of that)

367) You take 366 one step further and try to cook peas in a can with the Force

368) You know you got it bad when you start changing the romance dialogue in games to make a soap opera

'Passions' music comes on:
Revan: I don't care Bastilla I love Carth
Bastilla: You will go on the path to the darkside
Carth walks in: What's goin' on?
Tragic music plays

369) You admit you are guilty to 368

370) You think Malak and Darth Vader are brothers (The whole raspy voice thing)

371) You call your pet a boma (Guilty as charged )

372) You got it bad when you cuss in Huttesse

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