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Nice idea for a thread, but difficult! I'm liking peoples' reasons for their choices, so I'll follow suite. My favourites (in no particular order) would have to be:

Manny's Office - Thank you, CrimsonClown, for being the first to list this. Probably only up here because it reminds me of those very first moments of the game... such a thoughtful, well-paced track for the start of an adventure.
Hector Steps Out - Despite the obvious title, and having played through the game very recently, I can't quite remember which part this is from, but the tune is awesome! Could someone help me out?
Hi-tone Fandango - This is just extremely cool. I whistled along with that muted brass on countless ocassions. Really diggin' it lounge musak.
Casino Calavera - Same with this one; that clarinet (right?) is just so catchy, and it reminds me of all the fun in Rubacava.
Compaņeros - This one pretty much speaks for itself (like Naomi said, it just screams GF), but again, it's probably those early memories of El Marrow flooding back in.

I think Domino also deserves a special mention, if not for the opening sax at least. Just that first time you deal with him, it fits his sleazy charm so well =)

Oh yeah, and does anyone have any ideas on how to get those unofficial tracks off the game discs? (Sorry for the long-winded reply ^_^

For your approval, ladies and gentlemen. For your enjoyment.
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