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Gladsheim Station: Jedi Quarters

Godwyn: Oh, I have questions. Mainly I'm wondering how old she is and how much information they know about us. I didn't ask anything because I thought it would be best to wait until we have a more formal meeting.

Do you have any new questions to ask the Aesir?

Idona's Office:

Idona: No, we have already provided your leaders with sufficent information to deal with this small problem. As far as to an explanation of why your Republic was not informed.

You can tell you senate that We with drew some forces, consequently the Heloki broke containment. We then informed members of your government and provided them with information on how to deal with this threat.

I do give you credit for trying to make such demands of us. Now is there any questions you have?

Hanger Bay

*The valkyrie nods, turns and leads the blades up a corridor, the einherjar on either side of them. Eventually leading them up to the throne room in the pommel, Vidar and Svafa were sitting in chairs slighly below the throne.

The Valkyrie bowed to Vidar and Svafa before leaving through a side door, the Einherjar took up positions along the wall.*

Vidar: Welcome Rwos. Care to explain why there are so many Blades here?

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