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Maw Installation

*Starr exits hyperspace and travels into the Maw. He travels through the black hole cluster, passing the ruins of the old Maw on the way to the sector containing the new installation.

He lands his ship quietly, and heads for the headquarter complexes, odd thoughts running through his head*

Are we still Sith? If so, why do we have peace with our enemies? If not, what does this... mean? *Unbidden, the thought of Alysara flashes into his head*

Besides that, this strange thing my master calls the Starscream...

*He remembered what he'd seen on the holo. He found it hard to believe. The Starscream was a ship, but a ship like none other...

By now, he had his own questions that he wanted to ask of Herod, the man who had been developing this project for nearly all his life.*

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