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Gladsheim Station, Throne Room

Rwos: I want to speak plainly. I have told the others nothing, with of course the exception of Gilian. The other Blades have come, I believe, because Nereli is cautious. K'Warra K'laar is considered very dangerous, and you Aesir are an unknown factor. Combine those two, in addition to the reason for us coming here...

The Blades are in this universe to wipe it clean of "rogues" - expatriates of our universe - to investigate the Blood Scrolls prophecies, and if appropriate start diplomatic relations with the powers of this dimension. I am essentially under house arrest because I have become involved with the social affairs of this dimension. The reason I wanted to speak to your father directly is that I have rather disturbing hints of information from K'laar.

I was also told by your father that the name of the Jotuns was not to be uttered by me in this dimension. Now these Blades, except Gilian, though they know of a large part of the Blood Scrolls, do not know what Odin has told me of his portion. I have not told them of the Jotuns and I have not told them about Gerd and her role in prophecy. But they know vague hints about what the Jotuns are, and they know of Gerd - and it is because the demon Sejhan, mentioned in the Scrolls, knows about her, and them, and so K'Warra learned of her. It would appear Sejhan is hunting her and intends to kill her. He was one step away from succeeding when K'Warra was freed from his control.

Now, where is your father?

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