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Gladsheim Station: Jedi Quarters

Godwyn: Very true. I'm a little hungry would either of you like to accompany me to see one of their resturants?

Throne Room: Side room

Vidar: I am aware of what my father has told you, and if you remember I'm well acquainted with the blood scrolls, at least our half. Anything you wish to tell my father you can tell me and my sister. His location isn't important but he is listening...

Idona's Office

Idona: Those ten thousand are dead, nothing you or I do will change it. Nor was I referring to them or their death as a small problem. I was referring to the small and I do emphasize small band that you have contained.

You by no means have all the Heloki contained, you don't even know where their homeworlds are. We have given your leaders sufficent information on the Heloki to deal with this small band, we will give you no more.

The facts of this are very simple General, the Heloki are kept under containment by our forces. A small group broke containment, we then nformed your government and the empire, by the time your Senate got around to doing anything about it, ten thousand died. We also provided intell on the Heloki for you. There is nothing else we owe you, if we owed you even that much.

If we wanted to use the Heloki or something like them against you, you can be assured that We would never have told you about them in the first place. Nor would we have given you any information on them.

Now do you have any questions?

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