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Originally Posted by I say, I say
Recently I completed the famous Spaghetti Western 'Dollars' Trilogy being A Fistful of Dollars, A Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly and of course I watched all three in a row. Believe me it was a lot less demanding than watching three Lord of the Rings Films and six Star Wars films. And more so I enjoyed it even more than those films put together.
For some reason, every time you post something related to westerns, I have just finished watching one of them. Today it was "Once Upon a Time in the West", which is a truly great film (thanks for the recommendation Jofa). My only complaint is that the main character is a hero, which disappointed me, for I liked that special quality of non-American westerns of having no likeable characters (so to speak, after all 'the Man with no name' is one of the best characters in an entertainment movie).

I agree with you. The Dollars Trilogy is, for me, the only saga worth watching.

Music is one of the key elements that made that film.
Indeed. I tried to get my music teacher to find a way of making that music, but I was left empty-handed.

I wondered what could have happened if Ennio Morricone had scored Grim Fandango?
I cannnot picture it much different than the original one, or to those of the films he scored. Most probably it would have been just as good.

Still, McConnell (sp?) deserves some credit, Grim Fandango's soundtrack is outstanding; the only problem is that the tracks are too short. And this, as simple as it may seem, is a severe problem.

As I said on another thread, to you if I remember correctly, the Outlaws soundtrack is amazing. The soundtrack of this game, arranged by Clint Bajakian, is in my opinion far better to the one in Grim Fandango; as a matter fact, tracks 2, 7 and 14, are the best 'Spaghetti Western' music I've ever heard, even to that by Morricone himself. Check that game out, if you want to, you won't be disappointed.

Anyway, I better stop here, for I'll turn this into a Western films discussion if I get the chance.
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