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Coruscant: Jedi Temple

*Volmount stops his speeder near the temple. He looks at the serene peaceful walls in the night sky. Whom wich he hadnt seen since his youth.

He parks his speeder around the corner. He begins to walk back turning the corner to make his way to the temple. But when he turns he sees a large field of tall grass surrounding a large building made of stone....*

Flashback; Planet Chis: 10 years ago

*In the field two teenage padawan are training with training lightsabers, one had dark hair, and the other a redhead, both cut short. The two had kept at each other, both attempting to keep at the offencive, but their clumsy styles let the other retake the offensive.

Volmount kept his distence watching the two. Suddenly the dark haired one let's out a scream and swings down with his saber, the redhead blocks it and they are in a saber lock. Both pushing agenst each other, this goes on for at least 20 seconds before the redhead pushes himself forward and then kicks the dark haired padawan onto his back.*

Redhead "Come on Sir-vin! I thought Master Chi's favorate student!"

Volmount *snapping at his student* "Bolock! Mind your tounge!"

Bolock "Master he!"

Volmount *showing his disappointment* "That is not how any student act like that, it isn't mindful of your feelings, and your focas is distracted..."

*The young Sir-Vin stands up, looking at his training partner, not happy.*

Volmount "And now, look what you've done Bolock. You're taunting will only harbor hate, hate begets hate. And if you don't stop you're going to create more and it will only be redirected at you. You can see it now... Sir-vin, go and take a breather..."

*Sir-vin extingishes his saber and storms off. Volmount walks up to his student. Before Volmount realizes it he's seeing the walls of the temple.*

Coruscant: Present day

*Volmount throws his hood on and walks into the foyer.*

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