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Maw Installation, Main Observation Deck

Herod: Lord Hailfire! A pleasure, I am Research Executor Herod, and am most pleased the Emperor has sent such a distinguished representitive to oversee the final stages of testing. *Herod gives a bow, and stands straight again. His additude screams of pride in his work.*

Now, I assume that you have read the briefing that the Emperor no doubt gave you, and that this weapon is fully armed and operational now. We were just about to put the ship through her last paces give a demonstration on it's power, and let me tell you, we have made great strides in cutting down the recharge time down to 10 minutes! 10 minutes! the orginal design called for 15! And we think the mext model we can push it down to 5!

Yaga Minor

Cracken: Please brother, that "Rebellion" is no longer our concern. With any republic, it will again fall into decedance and once again, we will be there to pick up the pieces.

If you haven't noticed, "brother".....

The War is over.
The Jedi are no longer a threat to the Sith.

However, your Sith Army is impressive, and I must say, Father would be impressed.....

*grumbling* As usual...

Nevertheless, I don't exactly have a need for 3,000 Sith now, unless you have a suggestion for thier use?

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