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((Cracken, see PMs.))

Gladsheim Throne Room - Side Room

Rwos: If that is how it must be. I have refrained from interrogating K'Warra K'laar as closely as I might have wished. I felt the only course of action that would remain true to my promise to your father was to bring him here. To you. Besides that, I suspect you Aesir would better understand this situation than I.


Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine

Aren: Thank you. *She takes the satchel* Here's your mission... I want you to locate Farran. He has... well, essentially stormed off. He's still on-planet, but... well. He isn't quite in his right mind. Probably a result of the drastic upheaval of his life when Cracken defeated the Imperial Seperatists. I would appreciate it if you could find him. Don't let him see you, if possible...

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