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Gladsheim Station: Throne Rooom-side room

Vidar: And what will these other blades be doing while we interrogate K'Warra K'larr?

Idona's Office

Idona: Nothing has changed General. The Heloki are your problem, just not the entire Heloki civilization. I told your leaders three weeks ago the Heloki are one of the evils we have kept contained and now feel you are ready to face, my Lord Odin then said that dealing with this thread would be your responsiblity.

All of which is true, we just never told your leaders you only had a small band of Heloki to deal with. Why did we do that? The answer is simple, so your government would take this threat seriously and begin to prepare to defend itself against outside threats. Eventually the galaxy proper will have to defend itself agasint the entire Heloki civilization, for now you have this small band to deal with and learn from.

Now General, since you have no questions for me and I have other work I must get to, this meeting is over. The Valkyrie will show you to your ship. Review the information we gave your leaders and best of luck in dealing the Heloki.

*As Idona stood a Valkyrie entered the office. Idona gave a breif nod to Drago and then the Valkyrie before leaving*

Valkyrie: General, if you would follow me.

*The Valkyrie took Drago, who was flanked by two Einherjar back to the hanger bay which his shuttle landed in. The Valkyrie pulls out a data disk from a belt pouch*

Valkyrie: Take this General *handing him the disk*, it has all the information on the Heloki that was given to your leaders, plus the size and composition of the band you have contained. Your shuttle and escort have already been given departure clearance, have a nice flight.

*The Valkyrie turns and leaves. The two einherjar stand and wait*

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