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Hi all. Yes another new person Well this has to be the thread of destiny for me. I have an on again off again relationship with Jedi Outcast. Whenever I need just a bit of room to download some apps or a new game I always uninstall JK2, but every month or every other month I reinstall it.

I mean you just can't beat that SP storyline. Which is why if LucasArts isn;t goign to make another Jedi Knight game they need to brainstorm and make a combo FPS/RPG game. i.e. my dream game

The dream game for me would be a SW game with a KOTOR/KOTOR II type storyline (which is so in-depth) and Jedi Outcast/Academy type action (which is so intense). Yes I know a rpg game that shifts to a fps when it's time to fight might be hard to pull off but hey it's my fantasy deal with it!

And for the record JK2 is back on the PC and once again I'm playin over the SP but with a diff saber hilt this time.

To Darth Smaug I agree with you 100%, KOTOR is one of the best SW games out, and I HATE RPGs. I only tried it because a friend suggested it and showed me the trailer and because it was so good I got KOTOR II as well and those are the ONLY 2 RPGs I will play unless KOTOR II has an expansion or they make KOTOR III.

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