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*Drago turns and boards the shuttle without a word. Once aboad he nods to the pilot.*

Drago: We have clearance, take us out.

Pilot: Yes General.

*Drago sinks into one of the shuttles seats and rubs his eyes, then looks over at the woman curled up in one of the other seats reading a book.*

Sellenna: It did not go well?

Drago: Not really, they are as arrogant as ever. Do as they please with no regard for others. I don't think they care at all how many of us die, so long as we learn some lesson they wish to teach us. Had Idona given me more time I would have pointed out that we were at war when they dumped this in our lap, I don't believe for a moment the containment breach was anything but deliberate.

Sellenna: What will you do about the Heloki on C-34-T-78?

Drago: Neutron bombardment, irradiate the planet. There are no sentiant lifeforms and the planet was terraformand anyway. I'm not letting any of those hairy bastads get away. Had we known ealier I would have sent in troops, Wookies, Barabels, Agamari Houseguards. As it is we didn't.

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