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((BD: Did you mean "so long as we learn some lesson they wish to teach us."? Side note, I do find Drago calling the Aesir arrogant this time rather amusing. ))

Gladsheim Station:

*Idona was walking along a corridor when she ran into Valda.*

Idona: Good evening, where are you off to?

Valda: I'm just about to get something to eat. Care to join me?

Idona: Sure, the troop reviews can wait a little while longer. How did welcoming the Jedi go?

Valda: Well, kept my answers short and very crips but that didn't get to them. Oh hunter Reibe is with the two masters.

Idona: Really? Surprised I wasn't informed. How did she react to seeing you again?

Valda: She took it in stride. How the meeting go with Drago?

Idona: As well as to be expected from a meeting with him. He demanded information, I told him no and cut the meeting short. I might have given him some more info on the Heloki if he actually asked for our help.

Valda: To bad, well we're here.

*Valda and Idona walked into a large open arch. Inside was a large busy resturant, soothing hammered dulicmer music was playing with a variety of other instruments, there was a low level buzz of converstation.

Valda and Idona stood just in the doorway, waiting for a table to open up for them*
Gladsheim Station: Jedi Quarters

Godwyn: Then shall we?

*Godwyn and Reibe walked along the corridors looking for a resturant when Godwyn saw Valda standing in the archway*

Godwyn: Well this is suppose to be a resturant, and there is Kiyala. Want to see if she would like some company?

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