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Coruscant: Jedi Temple

*Volmount walks into the large halls of the Temple. There were a few droids scurrying about. A few padawans talking to one another, but otherwise a quiet night.

Volmount hears a buzz on his belt. He walks to an alcove and pulls out a holocom, which transmits to his shuttle, then transmits to Horris.

He turns it on and the image of a hoodded Jedi appears.*

Holograph *female's voice* "Master Volmount, I was told that your visit to Coruscant will take a while, yes?"

Volmount "Yes my old friend. I'm afriad that young Sir-vin wasn't able to make proper relations with the new order."

Jedi "So, how long has it been since you stood in those walls. End of the Clone Wars was it?"

Volmount "Not important now."

Jedi *laughs* "Well if you haven't noticed yet Coruscant runs their daytimes a bit earilyer then you'd see on Horris."

Volmount "I know. There's always someone up. If not I'll just come back in the morning."

Jedi "And what about young Sir-Vin?"

Volmount "Don't know yet. I no longer sense Chi. I don't know yet."

*Volmount turns off the holocom, and puts it away*

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