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Gladsheim Station: Resturant

*Godwyn and Reibe approach Valda and Idona.*

Godwyn: Excuse me my ladies would you care if we joined you?

*Idona glanced quickly over at Valda*

Idona: Sure, it would be our pleasure. Nice to see you again Reibe.

*A droid walks up shortly after*

Droid: If my ladies, and master jedi would follow me I'll show you to your table.

*The droid leads the quartet through a curving line of tables before coming a round table in the back corner.*

Droid: Your waiter will be with you shortly, have a nice evening.

*The droid left quickly as everyone sat down*

Idona *after everyone was seated*: I hope you are having a pleasant stay so far. How do you like our station?

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