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Originally Posted by JamInc
Hi I'm new, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to spawn weapons?
I know how to shoot while holding flag, but not that. This is a really cool forum, and I'll be back again. Thanks for anything.
Even though I told you already, I'll say for all else to hear.

First thing you need to do is bind a key to "throwweapon". Open up the console and type "set input k throwweapon".

Then whenever you have a weapon just keep hitting your binded key repeatedly and quickly. Of course I'm not sure if this is the proper way. When I've tried it something always goes wrong, guns don't fire, you can't pick it up. But it does leave a nifty pile of artillery on the floor.

**DISCLAIMER** Try not to abuse weapon spawning. It can cause some serious damage to servers.
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