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Gladsheim Station - Throne Room

Rwos: K'Warra is under containment. He's on the ship Silver and cannot be moved. Blades would be present during the interrogation.


Mos Eisley, Tatooine

*Farran walks along the dusty streets of Mos Eisley, fuming, Artemis following him*

Farran: These thrice-damned suns. I'm sick of this dustball. I'm sick of this goddamned Shadow, sick of her manipulating us, keeping us at her beck and call, taunting us with the display of her power...

Artemis: Farran, wait, think about this. Where else do we have to go?

Farran: Anywhere but here. Start over on some backwater planet... some other backwater planet.

Artemis: But if what Aren said was true... besides the Executioners could still be looking for you...

Farran: Let them! It'd be about goddamned time.


Maw Installation, Main Observation Deck

Starr: That is all very well, Research Executor. But I would prefer you explained the status of the... most interesting power system this Starscream has been built around. I understand that you have 'cultured' a massive organic-technological component to this ship... including the power source, and the majority of the ship's inner workings, eliminating the need for 90% of the standard Destroyer's crew, and, coupled with advances in technology research, increasing the possible weapons power by a factor of several thousand percent. That aside... am I to understand that this Starscream is an organism - that it is, in actuality, a living thing?

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