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Name: Zion Romantix
Age: unknown
Era: Pre Clone wars – New Republic
Faction: Jedi/Sith
Class: Jedi Master/Sith Lord
Weapons used as Jedi: One green lightsaber
Weapons Used as Sith: Duel bladed red lightsaber
Other weapons used: Force powers, Time bombs, warp bomb
Vehicles used: None
Equipment as Jedi: Basic Jedi robe
Equipment as Sith: Suit to keep him alive
RPG’s featured in: Niaj Qad Keep, Origin Of The Sith, Assault on sector 64, Viper Squadron
Bios: Zion was once a respected Jedi on the council. Bue he did not agree with the way they tried to police the galaxy. When the war broke out on Niaj Qad he was left for dead byt the Jedi. But a dark lord restored him and gave him the hatred to destroy the Jedi. He blew up the planet killing many but was taken down by his old aprentice Phinius. Zion was nocked into Lava and needed a half body suit to stay alive. He then attacked the Jedi again hoping for victory.


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