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Juhani and Belaya relationship...i think its implied, but not confirmed.

I'd like to see most of the characters return in some fashion. If not as npc party memebers, then at least some major cameos or cinematics. maybe a few sections of the game where it goes away from the main party and you doa couple levels elsewhere as Juhani or Bastila.

I think Jolee should be there becuase he is the only character who even might be alive and might be qualified as a Jedi Master.

I'd like Handmaiden back, because i found her more interesting that many other people including Disciple. although it wuld be cool to see him again to. But a confrontation betweenj Brinna and Revan would be interesting.

I guess i'd like to see more rather than less Jedi somewhere around Kotor III so Juhani and Vistas would be nice.

Mira, come on we gotta see Mira meet other wookies. And i'd also like to see Mission come on her own rather than being half of Mission and Zaalbar. I'd be very interesting to see her more grown up now. Think of the possibilities of her talking with Mira or Atton.

I'd only like Kreia back as a force ghost just so i can proove to her she is wrong, about a great many things.

Malak would be nice in a vision, I was a little dissapointed he didn't turn into Darth Malak in the Tomb of Ludo Kressh.

Mandalore would be good leading the clans into some critical battle somewhere.

Bastila and Revan and Carth have got to finish their story.

Oh yeah and HK and i guess T-3 have got to be ther to make it complete.
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