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What Is Your Favourite Fanfic?

This Thread is for saying your top ten favourtie Fanfics. If you can't think of ten, just put your five or six favourite Fanfics on.

1. If you are a writer at LucasForums, then you can't vote your own.

2. You can vote for finished or unfinished Fanfics.

3. If you want you can vote a Fanfic and it's sequels together (Example: Return Of The Exile/The Destruction Of The Sith by Jedi_Knight_707).

4. You can vote Fanfics that have been written by the same writer (Example: Mace Windu: Jedi Master Reborn/Galactic Conquest: The Rise Of The Imperials by RC 1162).

5. If you have time, put a reason why you liked it and put it in your top ten or less.

No this is not The Entertainment Centre Awards 2005! This is just what you think is your favourite Fanfic.

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