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My top ten Fanfics.

1. The Plight Of Darkness by ForceFightWMe12
2. Mace Windu: Jedi Master Reborn by RC 1162
3. The Adventures Of John Skywalker/Philosophy Of The Force by John Skywalker
4. Jaden Korr - Darth Qollous by Sabretooth
5. The Crystal Of Life by RenegadeBore
6. Hidden Shades Of Gray by JasraLantill
7. Darth Sion: A Legacy Of Pain by DarthSion101
8. The Mandalorian Apprentice by Reclaimer
9. Star Wars: Heart Of The Guardian by JediMaster12
10. The Tale Of A Jedi On Dantooine: The Day Of Doom by StaffSaberist
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