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Well, I finally got around to doing something I promised to do ages ago: Make unique + come up with alternative colours for Oldflash's "fork" shortsabre, and here is a picture of the results:

Now, all I need is to seek Oldflash's permission to release them and upload them to pcgm, which should be done by the end of the week at the latest

@Skye: Yeah, I need to tweak the fog in the distance a bit, make it a bit darker or something...

@Someone more experienced: I'm having problems with creating modules by editing the number of rooms/ layout data in general. The rooms are fine in themselves, and the walkmesh is not a problem, or moving them into place, but whenever I reach the point of crossing between rooms, the walkmesh comes to an abrupt halt, and I can't get through into the room beyond, except by what I think is a glitch...Has anyone ever succeeded with this kind of thing?
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