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Maw Installation

*Herod nodded, though he thought that the Emperor's representitive would be more.... intelligent. He was careful to try not to show his contempt. He remembered several researchers under the first Emperor who showed that contempt to Lord Vader that meet an... untimely end.*

Herod: The organic-technological power system is actually a living organism. It was engineered in this very facility, as Cracken wished to find a new power source for the future designs of the Crimson Star, or perhaps... *his eyes gleemed* another, more powerful Death Star.

Where a standerd power generator is your standered hypermatter annihilator, like in your Star Destroyers, this actually is an organism that is a self feeding being. It re-uses it's waste as food, and generates 1,000,000 times the power of the Crimson Stars' reactor. It's a wonderful self sustatining system. Once we began to feed it, we simply let it run.

Now, because its' a living being, many of the ship functions have been automated by the organism itself. We bio-engineered it to need similar living enviroment to humans, and it provides a proper breathing atmosphere for the few crew needed, and is also a air scrubber, recycling the air. It also eats the waste those few generate, thus, the need for large scale garbage disposals is eliminated.

The superlaser itself has been streamlined to use all this power more efficiantly. The charge batteries have been made vastly more efficiant in capacity since Endor, thus, we can fire the laser at least 10 times under powered, and 5 times at full power. To recharge it takes, as I said before 10 minutes, but I believe that future cultures of this being can be made genetically better, and the technology behind the superlaser improved where we can have near constant dischargings at full power.

Lastly, this organism is not sentiant. It obeys the will of the Imperial Family alone. Which means.... also you.

*Outside, the Starscream was moving into position, around it, arrayed several ships of varying class, from Star Destroyers to smaller Cruisers......*

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