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Originally Posted by Athanasios
Lol, relax Jmaster

When someone tells you that "my pc needs an upgrade badly", then it's not that bad agreeing with him if the facts conclude so!

As for the antialasing Roudower correctly pointed out, although it's one of the technologies (filters) that demand much power both from graphic card and the cpu, it will really "compensate" you for some good images, since if your computer cannot handle continuous aa filter the game will finally crash (Antialasing, Anisotropic and Pixel Shader 3, mainly these three techs make a game look marvelous -just for history). Antialasing makes the polygon look way smoother; the higher the bar, the better true-to-life image/unit.

PS: Not all computer will slow down on full setting by the way ...
Um, no it isn't but it is kinda odd how everyone person who has posted there comps requirements before the game came out people said "Hm it will work but for best graphics you should update your comp" Then they give ideas and prices for graphics cards and what to buy etc. GRAPHICS GRAPHICS, you all are sounding like a bunch of fat kids who have a temper tantrum if they don't eat. Graphics is not what makes a game good. In conclusion, stop trying to mind control people into updating there comps etc. Let them decide for themselves. Also this is the only game forum i have been to where people have been constantly trying to persuade members to update there PC. I remb i got a e-mail few weeks ago of someone saying if i wanted to update my comps graphics card and where i could buy one....

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