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*Irvine's commandeered shuttle touches down a few miles from the temple. Irvine leaves the cockpit and walks to the cargo bay, opening the ramp while he do so.

He steps out of the ship and looks up high at the temple, and the ledge that Cracken and Starr jumped on a single bound, while leaving him on the ground having to climb up. He didn't think it wasn't as much as a task now.

He takes a step onto the tainted ground of the planet, and a familar sensation of coldness crawls its way up Irvine's spine. He staggers a few steps, regaining his composure. He walks up to the wall face and looks up once again, detrimination was on his face, then he calms it, closing his eyes.

Then he opens then again, clam. He crouches then leaps into the air having the force assist his ascent. He gets to about as high as being able to grasp the ledge. He grabs on and kicks off of the wall and flips onto the ledge.

He stands up brushing himself off he walks in...*

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