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Coruscant, Tower Overlooking Docks

*Gamma crouches over a sniper rifle, taking direct aim at Deac's head. He puts his finger on the trigger when he is suddenly hit on the head by a large fist. He rolls to the side and looks up to see...Deac*

Gamma: What?! What are you meant to be?

Omega: You will not carry out the purpose I was created for.

Gamma: He has to be destroyed! I am the superior model! Your project is over!

Omega: The project is over. I am tying up all the loose ends. I was created to kill Deac Starkiller and all remaining specimins from the Avatar project. We three are all that remain.

*Gamma fires his blaster pistol at Omega, who shrugs it off as a personal shield shimmers*

Gamma: None of us had...none of us had that augmentation! There were only two viable samples! Alpha was a failure.

Omega: Your mistake was to assume I am human. * He punches Gamma in the stomach*

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