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That's the thing with non-American Westerns, they are not really about 'history', or how the 'heroic Americans conquered the wild West'. They just use that peculiar time in history (a rather romantic and nostalgic time) to make stories which can revolve around it.

The best you can find out there are Italian westerns (a.k.a. 'Spaghetti') or Soviet ones (there's a subgenre in these ones called 'Ostern', the most beautiful ones, which do not take place in the American Wild West, but on the plains of Eastern Europe during the Civil War (the Reds against Whites war, I mean))

Instead, they are tales about people, such as in most European movies.
There are no heros, instead the main characters are just mere vandals or bastards, loners and killers, whose only quest consists in some sort of revenge or scam; Quoting a line in Once Upon a Time in the West "people who have something to do with death".
And they differ with the American western in several things, while the main character of these movies will be too ethical to kill the man who savagely murdered his brother, and decide to send him to the local jail and give the money to poor children and marry the girl; the Spaghetti-western characters will not hesitate to shoot him if he has the chance and they won't marry the woman whose life they have saved, instead they will just ride away.
And that is what is so special about them, once they have ended their quest, and after they ride away, the sole purpose of their life is gone.

And these are my opinions about this genre I like so much, I find them to be (as well as Film Noir) the mid point between art and entertainment.

Spelling/grammar issues, they are thanks to the keyboard.
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