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Originally Posted by Darth Sun_Tzu
So i've started this thread to discuss a possible philosiphy for this 3rd group.
Is this third group supposed to follow their own goals or would it side with one of the traditional groups at some point of the story? I think the answer to this question has a *great* impact on what their philosophy *can* be. If they have their own goals (what I assume) then it's maybe easier to make that up first and then develop their philosophy.

But I think it would be a great idea to start the story as a member of a third group, because this way the PC could start neutral (without LS/DS history) and becoming LS or DS are equally believable.

Originally Posted by Darth Sun_Tzu
My idea would be a group with a similar philosiphy to Sun Tzu. Where you look at everything as part of a whole and the greatest victory is one acheived without violence. I guess this would make them grey but leaning towards the DS.
I think it would make them DS because the way of thinking behind Sun Tzu's philosopy is rather extreme. And AFAIK it's achieving victory without war and not without violence and not because war itself is evil but because war is risky.
I find the question interesting (in TSL) why so many Jedi fell to the DS (and according to that why Sith/ Dark Jedi can be turned from the DS). It's mentioned in TSL that the Jedi teachings have become arrogant but that's not a real answer. It's just a "thought play" since the story is fictional but I suggest the answer is that the Jedi ways of thinking have become to extreme. And being extreme is the best way to encounter something that "stirs up the pattern of belief". Atris is a good example - she is a LS extremist and becomes DS without even noticing.

Originally Posted by Darth Sun_Tzu
They would operate in the background and very few people would know of their existance, their goals would be similar to GOTO's in that all they want is stability for the Galaxy, whether is be controled by the Jedi, Sith or neither.
Tough thing that... It's easier for Goto since he's been given the order to save the republic (not the galaxy) and adds a "by any means necessary" by himself. What is stability? I find this question difficult to answer for a social system even more if LS and DS solutions are prohibited.
If Kreia told the Exile the truth (Revans choices were always his own.) then Revan is the real grey Jedi...

Originally Posted by Darth Sun_Tzu
What do you guy think? Feel free to post any ideas of your own as well.
Ok, you asked for it. I made up a group named the "visheevushy" (bad play of words, that only Germans understand). Their apprentices don't learn answers or solutions to certain problems but they have to solve problems on their own and have to refine them on their own until the teacher doesn't find weakness in their argumentation any more. There are no good or bad solutions, only adequate or inadequate solutions. They learn martial combat and there's no restriction of its use except the judgement of the visheevushy-adept. A problem from the visheevushy's point of view is whatever he considers as one. A visheevushy will work together with others if it fits his purpose but he will always distrust other visheevushys because he knows that they have other goals.
The visheevushy-codex is rather short:

Truth is not to be given, it is to be found.
There is no evil, only decisions I don't make.
There is no good, only acting based on my decisions.
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