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Originally Posted by JediMaster12
That sounds a bit Sithy like.
Of course it does! But why? What makes the Sith code dark and the Jedi code light? I think victory for the Sith and peace for the Jedi are the words to turn the scale, yet it's still a matter of interpretation.

Originally Posted by JediMaster12
I think the attempt was made at the suggestion of a grey group; a group that see the inbetween. [...] Your vissheevushy codex seems to reflect more of the darker leanings of the grey.
You're welcome to improve it but I think it's not *that* bad. For a visheevushy (the name is still a bad joke) everything depends on the personal point of view and because of that he doesn't consider other people as good or evil and he doesn't consider other people's opinions as inferior *but* his own opinion is everything that matters for his decisions and therefore actions. He isn't easily manipulated but if he can't avoid it he might manipulate other people to reach his goal. It's true that the DS is as open to him as is the LS. From the Jedi/Sith point of view, some of his actions could be considered DS and some could be considered LS. But unless he sees a point in doing the typical LS/DS things he lacks ambition to do either of them.
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