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Originally Posted by LightNinja
Man all the files sites are stupid or what, it seems that a guy posted a file of movie stances as if he was me so that it appears in jk3files as if i made the file...the lack of profesionalism is really anoying pfff... (sorry for the off topic, i just saw it when i checked the ATPT)

Lightninja lol... As a modder you should know that the ReadMe should be read everytime, just to check some points...

Originally Posted by OTHER Lightninja's ReadMe file
Readme File:
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE**: New saber stances
AUTHOR**: LightNinja(I play academy under the name .:TLJK:.Yescek{JK}, im a DIFFRENT LightNinja)

See? ^^
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