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Originally Posted by Fealiks
Yes but thats different, now there are much more scientists and technology, now we know how to advance. from 0AD to 1500 AD there were many remarkable changes. Of course there were. The metal age... MUCH more organization and polotics.

Nikolaos has a completely valid point. I was about to post a thred exactly the same ! take for instance in BBY 4000 or whatever in KOTOR there were astro droid chassis that looked exactly like R4 in epII &III. It greatly annoys me in KOTOR that everythings the same. You CANNOT argue with Nikolaos by saying "they cant advance anymore" that is absolute ludicracy. Of course they can. In the course of the movies they advanced loads; ship designs and all of that crap, and thats just in 36 years.
From 0 AD to at least 1200, no remarkable changes occured. Sorry, but the collapse of the Roman Empire, and the beginning of the Medieval ages sparked a halt in Scientific technology. It was only in 1200's that the basic scientific method was created.

Chassis and function are two different things. Although the droids look like R2 and R4, they both have different functions, and different parts. R2 can hold useful items, and can also store things inside of his body, while I did not witness the droid in the character's party do the same. The Astromech units also differ from these droids in the fact that they are integral parts of a fighter in the era closer to the rise of the Empire. (I am unaware of when the Astromechs were started to be placed into fighters and/or starships.)

Political and Organizational reforms are not amazing feats; they happen everyday. Take, for example, Iraq. Just a few years ago, they were dominated by a powerful empire, much like most of Europe in the time before the common era. After they fell, the people fell into a leaderless state, and a new government was installed. However, even after all this was completed, did they discover the secret to life? Did they discover new, exciting weapons?

I thought not.

And you must realize that the Republic is 25,000 years old, as MachineCult stated. This means they had 25,000 years to make, improve, and find new scientific discovers. That's a long time to find new things.

And let's face it, science literally stops during times of extreme crisis, and the military begins to take over. They find improvements on their weapons, but not entirely new weapons to crush the enemy. The only significant change in technology between the discovery of the Star Forge and the Battle of Yavin would be the Death Star, and possibly Cloning the military units. New ship designs, new weapons upgrades...they are not the remarkable advancements we are looking for. They are building on existing technology, not creating new ones.

And I have to disagree. Please point out the huge advancements in ship design.

Between Episode One and Two, the only advancement was the implementation of the Acclamator into the Republic. The Republic Cruiser, that Tantive looking thing, is a precursor to the Tantive IV, and while the Tantive DOES have weapons, it shares the same principle design.

Between Episode Two and Three, the Venator and the Victory become implemented. The Venator and the Victory could be argued to come from designs of the Sith Leviathan from the KotOR era, thus, nothing new. The Venator also shares designs from the Acclamator: its Engines.

Between Episode Three and Four, almost nothing new becomes established. The Imperial Star Destroyers are an upgrade, if you will, of the Victory design, and the Venators are phased out completely. (One could argue that the Venator is a more effective design than the Imperial Star Destroyer: Big ship, small fighter compliment, while the Venator could hold its own, and have hundreds of fighters on the battlefield.) The only new improvement is the Death Star, which I had already mentioned.

Between Episode Four and Five, nothing is new except for the Super Star Destroyer, again, building on the might of the Imperial Star Destroyer, and borrowing technology and parts from the SD. The Super Star Destroyer isn't as effective as the Imperial Star Destroyer, but is more powerful.

Between Episode Five and Six, nothing is new. The Death Star 2 has already been done, nothing new there. It's a clash of existing units.

Beyond the movies, we can see drastic changes to the Republic because of outside intervention. The (OMGNO. I can't believe I even mention this. D Yuuzhong Vong made Coruscant into their own home, Yuuzhan'Tar, or whatever, and terraformed it. But, as this was an outside force, it cannot be counted against the development of the Republic.

I believe the Star Wars Galaxy stopped developing past the year 10,000 (the 10,000th year of the Republic) simply because they did not need to, they reached the barrier of technological development at the time, and they did not have the tools to transcend this barrier. According to a famous scale of Civilization Power, whose name escapes me, the only technological advancement that would be able to take place in the Star Wars Galaxy now would be total Transcendance, the act of the body becoming a higher evolved being.

And that's not coming any time soon. ;D

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