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OK, I have a tough one if anyone is up for the challenge.....
I'm gonna describe a character and I want it turned into a sig. OKay, first, on the left I want a a14 year old boy, thin, black hair, and average height, with two Jedi's standing next to him. One a Jedi knight with a purple lightsaber, then a Jedi Master with a blue lightsaber with a semi-evil smirk. Then in the middle I want a sign like this and on the right I want a probably 26 year old sith lord, who lokos like a dark side version of the kid on the right but older and holding a red lightsaber, a black and red cape, cloak, and robe. In the middle I want the words toward the bottome sayin 'Once A Jedi | Turned to the Sith'. I want the left side a shade of blue while the right side is a shade of red. NOTE: THEY ARE ALL HUMANS AND I WANT THEM TO LOOK GOOD AND NOT CORNY. PLZ

"Once the land is barren by the dark and evil king
The son of the good master shall avenge the dead and sing
'The dark has gone, the light is here'
and slice in half the lord of fear.
The one who will save us will stray from the light
but will eventually come to help the fight
against the one, who haunts the night."
- General Blise of the Dark Dweller Army
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