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Originally Posted by Alkonium
To be honest, I only write the stories, I don't read them. And I'm surprised noone's even mentioned any of my stories. Is it the fact that in my stories, the Yuuzhan Vong and Republic are allies?
No. I'm not trying to offend you here, and if I do I'll erase this, but the reason I have chosen not to compliment yours as much as others, is you. You said, "I only write stories, I don't read them." It seems to me like you're being mean. So, with all the people that take time to read your story, you can't take a little time to read their stories? Also, you have requested that mach review your work, and when he criticize you, you get mad at him. It's his job as a critic to be honest. If you change your personality a little, then maybe people'd be nicer to you.

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