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Depends on how/if the topic starts diverting.. or the post "bends" or flat out disregards the Forum Rules...

However, if there is a question over a decision, please by all means let one of the moderators know (PM). Topics have been known to become unlocked.. or posts re-appearing if it warrants the overturning.

Alot of the decisions have to be "judgement calls" based on the mod(s), s-mods, admins ... and have to be made quickly so as to not let things 'fester' or inflame...

Everything is always open to discussion however

As far as how "common" would also be determinent (and alot "less" common) if some of the users actually read the Rules before posting rather than "asking for forgiveness later"...

Rules should be posted in pertinent Forums.. but this Set of Rules best outlines them in a nutshell.

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