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The ship plumeted to the planet below. It gained speed and crashed head on into a building. Phinius was thrown against the control pannel at the front of the bridge. He hit his head and everything went black. He had a starnge vision. A dark Jedi in a mask was directing a war. He turned to see Phinius looke at him. The figure ignited a blade which was dark red. Phinius got out his purple blade and they started dueling. The Jedi swung and took a slash. Phinius woke up was covered in blood and sweating. He lay on the floor for some time before coming colpletly to his senses. He sat up and took in his surroundings. He remembered what had happened now. Zion was no where to be seen. Phinius walked down the dark hallways and came to a room. Inside was a grey Jedi robe which he exchanged for his blood stained one. He left the room and went to where the ship had been split in half. The ship was still glowing red from the heat. He jumped out and went in search for any survivors. Strangly enough he could not find any cuts on him so that meant his old Jedi robe was not covered in his blood but someone elses. The ship had crashed into a cathedral. Phinius entered the now ruined area. He came to a foundatin. Sitting by the waters edge was Zion. He was meditating.
"You took some time"
"I was-"
"Covered in blood....and dreaming of what is to come"
"Yes...well how do you know that is to come?"
"I have foreseen it...A Jedi Civil war"
"It can not-"
"Enough. You came here to attempt the finish a Job"
"But you-"
"I have been given the title of a Sith lord. But why does this title suddenly make me evil ? How can any title make you evil? A title is just a name it does not control what you do"
Phinius reached for his saber but it gone.
"I have it"
Zion stood up and threw the Lightsaber to Phinius who ignited it as he caught it. Zion sighed.
"You have mutch to learn"
"Me? They started to war! People die in war Phinius it what happens! I merly killed many because I thought that might stop it. My intentions were good! But you need more than good intentions. As you see I Have made it worse! Both sides blame each other for the destruction of that planet. They refuse to see the truth! They refuse to see the consequences of their actions! Thus they are punished! The Jedi Council either don't do anything until it's too later or rush in and make mistakes and one day they will see this. Your visions prooves this! The war you saw will kill thousands and almost wipe out the Jedi order! Can you not see this?"
Phinius was quiet.
"The Jedi Council have their flaws as do you and me but you can not say that you killed innnocents-"
Phinius attacked. Zion blocked it and flipped over Phinius's head and then kicked him into the pool of water...


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