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Once the ship crashed landed, Scur and Zaran whirled over the land inopposite directions and skidding along the dirt. Scur was conscious but was in much pain. Zaran was unconscious from the impact but was still alize and had no scratches or bruises. Scur hoisted himself off the ground and force healed some of the pain in his limbs and chest. He looked around and noticed they were on (whatever planet we're on?)

After a while of looking around he noticed Zaran laying on the opposite side of the crashed ship. Scur ran up to Zaran and started shaking him. "Zaran! Wake up."
he looked around again and force healed Zaran's head and chest to see if he would start breathing again and get his brain together. Zaran moved and started breathing slowly but didn't open his eyes.

"Am I alive?" asked Zaran after opening his eyes shortly after he started breathing. "Yes you are alive. this is Scur remember?"
"Yes I remember."
"Well we crash landed on (planet?) and are trapped but I have no idea where Zion and Phinius are."
"Well we must help him."
"I agree, but I haven't a clue where they are."
"Lets look on the ship first." Zaran said as he slowly sat upwards. "Hmmm. no pain? That's weird."
"Yeah. Certainly is." Scur said as he looked around again while Zaran stood up felling for his lightsaber.
"Woah! Where's my lightsaber?" Zaran said as e wipped himself around scanning the ground. Scur looks around and finally notices it.
"Over there." Scur murmured as he pointed somewhere beside Zaran.

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