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The TIE Scout is useful if your the type of player that likes to see what their enemy has before attacking instead of rushing in and wasting multiple units. Whilst many of you may like rushing in at the sacrafice of wasting a few units, I would prefer scouting the area and then using broadside cruisers to bombard any stationary or defensless targets, weakening the enemy and allowing an easier attack with less casualities.

The TIE Scout is the equivilant to the spotter the rebs get on land with the mobile proton torpedo laucher. They are useful for scouting for your mptl espicially in bad weather that limits line of sight. Same goes for the scout, it is useful to reveal space for your broadside.

Anouther tactic that the TIE Scout can employed to is recon in a campaign or galatic conquest. If your not sure what your enemy fleet has then send in a TIE Scout or two and reveal the place and then retreat. If its a weak fleet then move in with a larger force, otherwise you just saved yourself multiple casualities.

All in all the TIE Scout is for the patient player, not the players that rush for the action

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