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((Well, yeah, but it depends on how long you consider a 'year' to be....

j/k - I don't remember

Cracken: Check PMs))

Mos Eisley, Tatooine

*Farran's conversation with Artemis is a bit warbled and indistinct*

Aren: *over comm* They're using a scrambler. Paranoid... you'll have to get a bit closer before your systems can override it.



*Aren, holding her comlink, descends in a turbolift into the hidden lower levels of the Cantina*


Throne Room

Rwos: Besides me, at least Nereli, and certainly others. I don't know which. But they are all strictly under Nereli's command. With the exception of Gilian, but she already has all the pertinent information, as you know.



*The elf woman cautiously emerges from the shuttle, clutching her arm. The black mark is inflamed*

Elf: *staring up at the temple* He's in there... the second.

*She walks to the base of the cliff and finds a foothold, then begins climbing, moving quickly and agilely*

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