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Streets of Mos Eisely, Tatooine

Kioet: Damn.

*Kioet walks along the rooftops, getting closer to Farran. He looks over the side and spots a pair of jawas napping, and kicks some rubble down at them and growls.*

Kioet: Not much farther to go...this stealthy approach is getting old. Oh look, a nice swoop.

*Kioet flies off the rooftop and kicks an ithorian's off his swoop mid-flight, and speeds towards Farran's location, while maneuvering to avoid mad blaster fire coming from the Ithorian.*

Kioet: So you wish to toy with me, eh?

*Kioet turns the swoop 180 degrees, and flies at turbo past the ithorian, then turns around and back towards Farran's location as the ithorian keels over and starts spraying blood, caused by the small vibroblade that Kioet stuck in its chest*

Kioet: Fool.

*Kioet gets within 150 meters of Farran and jumps off the swoop and flies up onto a rooftop and kneels*

Kioet over comm to Aren: This close enough?

*Kioet zooms in and enhances the audio input once more*

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