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Originally Posted by arkodeon
Perhaps you did not read much into the previous posts? Not that that's a bad thing, they ARE pretty long, I apologize for the length. D:
lolz....arkodeon, Kurgz was force long posting when you were still a twinkle in your dad's eye

as for this debate...

Im definitely with Kurgan as far as the comparison with Tolkiens Middle Earth.

I'm sure on a LOTR forum somewhere, theres some jacka$$ saying(in elvish of course) "zOMG, Y do3znt teh 3rd ag3 h4v3 1337 c0mPut4z and laz3rZ"

the answer is the same for both fictional universes. The spirit of the type of stories being told do not require that type of evolution as far as their creators are concerned.

Seriously, if you want to see "older era are accurately dumber" in sci fi : Star Trek(TOS and Enterprise vs TNG/DS9/Voyager)

also, dont forget that older/ancient eras arent necessarily less advanced in all things... archeologists still havent figured out how the pyramids were built, for example


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