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Why is this game so easy?

Recently I have played a number of galactic conquest maps both as rebellion and empire on medium difficulty. GC is so easy it is almost a joke, lacking any discernable challenge.

My strategy is always to lump all my ships an units together -- heroes included -- and go from one enemy planet to another, conquering with auto-resolve space and land battles, as fast as I can. I build mines, light & heavy factories, barracks, and land and space units as necessary to replace losses, and space stations when needed to increase pop cap. Most of my frontier planets are undefended and I never build defensive structures. I may lose a planet or two over the course of a game while capturing dozens, but always retake them easily. I typically sweep over numerous planets (using the pause button frequently to build) while the computer AI is just getting its pants on and preparing for one or two small attacks. Careful use of the "pause" button as necessary typically allows me to capture 3 to 5 planets per day.

The game is supposed to be balanced primarily for medium, but this is a disappointment. Almost any medium GC can be completed in 30 minutes with no major defeats or even challenges. It's hard to have any fun at a game that offers little to no strategic challenge.

I don't understand all of the positive reviews of EAW as the best SW RTS ever. Personally I thought SW Galactic Battlegrounds offered more of a challenge -- it wasn't so formulaic or dull.
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