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Phinius jumped up and attacked.
"Obviously that didn't cool you off" Zion muttered
Phinius matched Zions at attack with perfect defence. There was nothing between them.
"I see you have taken the councils plan to heart" Zion said after a while
"What Plan?" Phinius said with so much venom in his voice that Zion was a little surprised.
"You do not know? You were made a master so you could defeat me"
"I don't understand"
"You are the only Jedi alive who knows my combat skills and moves- well you know a some. They made you a master so you could catch me so you could lead the battle against me"
"They made me a master becasue of what happened on Niaj Qad-" Phinius said in a hurt voice
"That's what they told you"
Zion swung around and caught Phinius off Guard. Phinius was slammed into a pillar which crumbled. Phinius rolled our of the way of falling rubble. And tripped Zion up. He kicked Zion's blade away. And put the purple blade to Zion's throat.
"Are you going to kill me?"
"It's not the Jedi way"
"Neither is abandening their own but they did that to me"
"No- you were uncontrolable-"
"Thats a lie. I was left for dead. But I cursed the Jedi and now i'm here"
zion kicked Phinius off him and punched him. Phinius was bleeding but he stood up defiantly.
"I see you will not believe me no matter what I say" Zion sighed and screamed. His face turned into the face Phinius had seen on Niaj Qad. A face with no remorse a face with no emotion, just hatred. The sith lord Zion had returned and this time he was going to finish the Job. Phinius took off his Cloak and rasied his blade ready for the attack....


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