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Coruscant, Shipyard

*Deac stands at the gangway to a Correlian Corvette, the Akaga. A Republic solider walks up to him and salutes*

Soldier: Sir! We're all set to depart!
*Deac boards*
Deac: Right. How long will this journey take?

Soldier: 3 days all being well.

Deac: Right. Notify me as soon as we arrive.
Tower overlooking dock

*Gamma wheezes*

Gamma: Fool. Now we've both missed him...

Omega: You forget something. *He places his left finger next to Gamma's temple*
Omega: I can survive in space. You're an obsolete model. *He fires a blaster shot from his finger, killing Gamma. He then dives over the tower and runs to the Corvette, attaching himself to the side and crawling into an empy manifold.

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