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I tried editing/adding to my comments but my browser keeps locking up...
Anyway, I was wrong about the left tower (having just played through the game again). It does have things you need. There are about 8 figments in it which you pick up automatically as you make your way to the side platform with the rope that leads to the flagpole. There's also a piece of baggage inside the top of the left tower.
I discovered you can't work backwards since you can't Pyro the closed door at the bottom of the right tower unless you're on the inside. So the only way in is by using the window up on the roof.
As for the jump from the left tower to the right tower...the first time I played the game I was able to use the horizontal bar to swing over towards the right tower and use PSI Float to land on the platform attached to the right tower's roof. The second time through the game I was able to Levitate Bounce (with a rolling start) from the left tower roof towards the right tower, PSI Floating to the netting on the tower on top of the right tower. Once on the netting, I was able to crawl around the tower until I could drop safely to the right tower's roof and could drop and take care of the Censors waiting for me there.
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