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*By the time the Elf-woman reached the top of the sliff, Irvine was well into the temple, walking, if not wandering, searching for what ever answer presents itself.

Irvine wanders by observing the meny things he havent pad any attention to before, the many shrines and architecture depicting either a slain Jedi by a powerful Sith, the epic battle between the two, or purely a memorial or a resting place for the Sith.

When he started it was only glances, but eventually his curiosity arouse. Soon he'd taken the time to observe each piece, each Sith warrior shown nothing but praisal for their conquests and victories only to be beaten by the menacing Jedi.

Oddly enough for him to notice, as much as his curosity increased, he began to start regreting the life he lived.*


Coruscant: Jedi Temple

*Volmount quietly walks through the hallways unchallenged. He eventually walks to the Council chambers, wondering about how well the chambers had been kept all these years.

To his surprise a member was still around...*

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