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Imperial Security Squadron

Clan Name:Imperial Security Squadron (ISS)


Forum: On Site

Leader: Dirk Pitt, on forums Wolfe and online ISSWolfe

Co Leaders:Cox, Sithman1138(Adthrawn), and Darktrooper

Clan Email:none at the moment, we use PMs

Story aboud your clan:
Founded in late 2005 and commissioned in 2006 the Imperial Security Squadron was formed to be a small clan, but our ranks quickly swelled, soon we will be closing(I think) recruits so that we can focus on quality rather than quantity. We strive to be the friendlist clan and make sure everyone gets the best training(if needed) and help available from our members. I hope you decide to join our ranks while this clan is still open.(It may not close this idea is being debated.)

The Imperial Security Squadron at
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